Explore old town Jozi

Johannesburg is a curious place.


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Built on an inhospitable, exposed ridge, with a near permanent dusty breeze, this part of the Highveld of South Africa lacks natural water sources and the pleasant shade of trees.

During the winter, the frosted grass cracks underneath your feet, while during the long, hot summer, you constantly need shelter from the harsh African sun.

Deep underneath the surface lies some of the richest gold deposits on earth. The promise of riches made this part of the Highveld an “Eldorado” for many fortune seekers.

The story of this city, rebuilt at least six times, is one of determination, luck, courage, and ingenuity.


 Where will our adventures take you?

Mining History.

The solid foundation on which Jozi was built….


The Enigmatic Randlords

Who were the entrepreneurs that controlled the mining industry?

Fordsburg cover

Hidden History Adventure

Explore the nooks and crannies of old Joburg. Our longest adventure never disappoints.


Fordsburg is steeped in history and street food, we explore it after having a coffee (on us) at the Bean Lab

Thoughts from past adventurers

The TimeTraveller


Johannesburg was from the outset a city of Migrants.

There really is no one who can claim to be a true, native Johannesburger.
Like many before me, and I am sure, like many after me, I came to Johannesburg after graduating in search of work.
I settled in the east of Joburg, but there has always been a mystical attraction to the inner city, the real Johannesburg, the melting pot of Edwardian architecture…