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A little bit of history and a lot of food. 

The great thing about Fordsburg is that your get a little bit of history, that some people love and a lot of food, that everyone loves!
As one of the first suburbs to be surveyed to the West of town, it is steeped in history. From it being used as a nursery through to Johannesburg’s bloodiest mine workers strike in 1922 and the demise of the big cinema’s – it’s all in Fordsburg. 
Whether you are interested in Ghandi or Oumagrootjie – there is a street for you. 

After exploring on foot, we hit Mint road with an astonishing amount of eateries and the Market Square with street food stalls. 
Turkey / Lebanon / Yemen/ Greece/ India/ Malaysia – you’ll find the staples from each country, at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. 

Bring a bag – lot’s of fresh produce on sale – way below supermarket prices!

We explore Fordsburg every Sunday at 11:00.
This is tour is about 3 hours in duration.


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