Paul kruger

Pretoria – Crossing the Jukskei River.

First established as a “kerkplaas” in 1853, owned by Marthinus Pretorius, this piece of land in the central Transvaal soon became the town “Pretoria”. In 1860 Pretoria was chosen to be the new Capitol of the Zuid-Afrikaanse republiek.

Our journey to explore the origins of Pretoria starts at Melrose House from there we follow a circular route that includes Pretoria Station, City Hall. Loreto Convent, Die Volkstem building, Kruger House and Church square  – to name a few.

As with all our tours, we delve into the hidden history and lesser known facts:

Why did a man receive 10 oxen for loyalty from Paul Kruger for his right hand, but had to pay a 10 pound fine for treason with his left hand?

What went down in the 4 year civil war in the ZAR?

How many churches were on church square and why aren’t there any today?

What happened to the Dopper church’s golden clock hands?

Concessions: How do you solve a problem and enrich yourself?

Why was President Burgers labeled a heretic?

How many times were the town besieged by the British?

What was the robe room in the Palace of Justice used for during the South-African war?

We conclude with a comprehensive tour of Melrose House Museum.

We depart at 10am from the (safe) parking area at Melrose. The tour is about 3hrs in duration. Tour fee is R260pp including entry into the house & the expert house guide.

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